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The wellness of your body can be maintained with proper nutrition. Find the answers to your nutrition questions and concerns with Day Chiropractic. We've been helping our patients improve and maintain good health with our wellness integration tips.

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Day Chiropractic is also a distributor of Visi nutritional products and supplements. Visi products are made from quality natural ingredients to maximize your health benefits. Achieve new levels of vitality with these products or join us in becoming a distributor.

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Find the guidance you've been looking for in your life with our wellness coaching and lifestyle intervention services. We can help you integrate proper nutrition as well as other lifestyle choices into an overall plan for a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Wellness coaching for better living

Most modern food like prepackaged meals and fast foods have been stripped of essential nutrients which in turn limit our body's potential and our natural healing abilities. With Standard Process supplements, we can restore that balance in a convenient and an effective whole food form.

Eat better with Standard Process nutrition products

Nourish Your Body and Soul

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